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Dr Beerstecher set up this site to relate his experience of being investigated by NHS England (2013), the National Clinical Assessment Service NCAS (2014) and the General Medical Council GMC (2015).

Dr Beerstecher was referred to NCAS by the NHS England _ Area Team for Kent _ in 2012, following a contractual dispute with the Responsible Officer in 2011 (refusing to cooperate with a media cover-up in the Denice Stewart case).

The initial referral for a behavioural assessment was upgraded by NCAS to a full assessment: health, behavioural, and clinical.

Simultaneously, another contractual dispute arose in 2013 with the Responsible Officer: Dr Beerstecher was sent notes of a patient who had left the surgery 3 years ago and told to check if they could be released. Dr Beerstecher pointed out this was the job of the health authority as they are the current holders of the medical record, but was told he should do the work of the health authority for free or he would be reported to NCAS.

Dr Beerstecher asked the GMC if bullying and blackmail are acceptable which led the GMC to investigate Dr Beerstecher under para 73 of Good Medical Practice [not cooperating with a formal enquiry].

On 22nd October 2015 Dr Beerstecher was advised to remove the information from this site by his defence organisation as it may embarrass or antagonise the authorities in question, in an effort to avoid victimisation.

This site aims to provide information about methods used by NHS regulatory bodies for primary care:

NHS Commissioning Board (NHS England)

National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS)

General Medical Council  (GMC)